The Shadow in the Vale

The Aftermath and Councillar Troyas
How to make a goblin talk

The Job offer.

After dispatching the Ogre and his keepers the party arranged a meeting with Councillar Troyas, a recent addition to the towns council, and one that has openly confirmed he is willing to use adventurers to aid in cutting down the recent goblin bandit attacks within the Vale.

The party discovered that the attack on the inn maywell have been just a diversion from the main attack on the town and the theft of the towns relics, along with a number of the citizens.

The party, through guile, hard bargaining (greed?) managed to secure themselves an offer of payment for the retrieval of the missing relics, and the missing citizens with confirmation that anything else they find is theres to keep.

To this end, the party met with Morrik, a hobgoblin. With the guards tricked with an offer of a quick break, and the quick use of a piton under the door, the party had what appeared to be free reign to begin their ‘questioning’. With Panks all ready to break out the sharpened bamboo and chinese water torture the party decided a more diplomatic approach may be more rewarding.

A few minutes discussion later, they had a hastily drawn map, which doesn’t look too bad considering he was in the stocks at the time, and information that suggested that Sinruth, the goblins leader, and possibly some ‘undead horrors’, was holed up in the caverns under a old noble families castle, Castle Rivenroar.

With this information, it was decided that a well earned rest was in order and that the pursuit of the goblins would begin in the morning.

Adventure Log
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